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This service and site is run and managed by Abu Hanifa Institute in Sydney Australia. Abu Hanifa Institute (AHI) has been assisting the community for over 15 years and our objective here is continuity, that is, to continue what we have always done. If we have ever been in a position to give aid, provide direction, refer people to professional services, we have done so. We understand that many families and individuals are struggling especially during this current pandemic, which makes the continuity of this community service all the more important. As always, you can rest assured that any details provided are treated with the utmost of privacy.






Consideration when it matters

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Abu Hanifa Community has a dedicated 1300 number, which can be called 24 hours a day. On the rare occasion if the wait time exceeds the standard, please don't hesitate to leave your details and request a call back.

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Our Team

The team at Abu Hanifa Institute have dedicated their time and efforts for many years in the service of the community. Whether it pertains to attending to the needs of youth, attending to community needs essentials, offering counselling services through qualified counsellors, running community projects or referring to professionals, our team has always been at the forefront. 

Our team are made up of hardworking young men and women and are here to assist, if possible. Shaykh Wesam Charkawi heads the team and clearly imparted the core message that it takes a group to make things work.

Abu Hanifa Institute

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