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When counselling does not work and one or both parties have reached the conclusion that divorce is the only alternative, the process of divorce may commence. There are many factors to consider when things reach the point of divorce. These steps are briefly listed below:


An application for divorce is required


The person against whom the divorce is requested will be notified


The entire process takes about 3-4 months

Marriage Related Issues

There are a number of services available here. The first is the option to fill out an application for divorce. The second option is a form related to spouse suitability (particularly to determine if the male is a suitable spouse).  Click on the option below to take you to right section.

Divorce Application

Divorce Application Form
Tick what aplies to you
Divorce Form


The Prophet Muhammad (pbub) taught Muslims two unique things to looks for in a potential husband. The first of these is religion and the second is character. To briefly explain - sometimes, one can possess religion performing its obligatory acts, but fall short in human to human dealings, actions in specific spaces and reactions when things do not go as expected, all which are central to character. The following form is a good measure to know where a potential spouse stands concerning these points. 


By filling in this form, you are agree to give only truthful answers 


The information on this form will be explained to the party seeking it, but an actual copy of the  form will not be shared with any person


A response for this form is likely to be 48 hours

Suitability Form

Suitability Application

Suitability Application Form
How would you characterise your temper when you feel angry?
How would you characterise your patience when you are really angry?
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